Watching movies from your computer monitor may be quite frustrating. It’s hard enough to view your favourite movie on a small screen; it’s even harder to listen to the barely audible sounds coming from your computer speakers. It is therefore recommended to watch movies on your television screen. Here, now, is how to watch movies from computer to TV.

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The first option is to use a video card with TV-out or video-out device. Although it is best to use a standalone DVD player, you can also watch videos with your computer connected to the TV with a TV-out device. The advantage of using this type of device is that it enables you to play all video formats that you are able to play on your personal computer such as the DivX, ASF, and MOV formats. This is because the TV-out device is simply showing what is on your computer screen. However, you may not get the best quality and you probably have to endure some noise if you do not have a very long cable and your computer is located near your TV.

Another option is the MPEG decoder card. This hardware PCI card is put in your computer, which is then connected to your television. The quality of MPEG decoder cards is superb that it is even comparable to the quality of standalone DVD players. The problem with MPEG decoder cards, however, is that they only play MPEG, MPEG2, VCD, and DVD formats by default. In order to play DivX and MOV formats, you must have a very fast computer and a special player.

Lastly, we have the VGA to PAL/NTSC scan converter. This type of converter allows a VGA to pass through so that the signal can be watched both on a PC monitor and on a TV screen. The advantage of using a VGA to PAL/NTSC scan converter is that you can play all video formats that you are able to play on your computer. But just like the video-out device, you may not get the best quality both in terms of video and audio.

You see, you don’t have to watch downloaded video only on your computer screen. There are plenty of different ways by which you can watch movies from your computer on your wide television screen and enjoy the big-screen effect. All you need to have is a TV out port on your computer and the right cable. You can even check out the back of your PC or the sides of your laptop for an S-video port.

This, now, is how to watch movies from computer to TV.


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